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About Us

L-VISION ENGINEERING PTE. LTD. was incorporated in the year 2001. We offer engineering services and quality project management that serve the minerals, food, edible oil, oil & gas and chemical industries. We are a versatile engineering services company that can adapt to the different needs of each individual company. Over the years we have chalked up an impressive track record of successful projects carried out locally and overseas. We have built up a reputation as a reliable, competent and professionally run engineering company. The repeating businesses from our customers are a testament to our ability to offer excellent services for their projects. Some of our customers have been with us for more than 15 years.

Our Credentials

We are a ISO45001 & bizSAFE Star certified company with excellent project safety records. Besides ensuring that the project timeline, quality standards and budget constraints are met, we always maintain a firm stand on safety in our site operations.

Our Markets

Our market covers many countries in the region i.e. Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, etc. The company has the capability to take on medium to large-sized projects through an established network of strategic partners in the region.

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